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HIV/AIDS Resources

AIDS Global Education Information System AEGiS

HIV Prevention Access


Medical Resources

CDC Ambassadors and Influencers
Web MD

HIV Syndicated Content

Addressing Dyskinesia in People
with Parkinson's Disease

OutCare Health
Public Health Media Library

Changing Your Gender in NV Scan

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What you should know about nPEP/PrEP and HIV Prevention methods

Have you practiced sex with condom ALWAYS and correctly in the last 2 years?

A recent study reveals that only 1 out of 6 gays have done so.

If that is not your case, you should get informed on nPEP/PrEP as a complement to condoms for HIV prevention.


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Transgender Resources

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health at UCSF

Fenway Health

Top 10 Transgender people should discuss with their healthcare provider

So-NV-Transgender Resource-Booklet

Healthcare rights and Transgender People –

March 2012

Introduction to Male to Female Hormone therapy

Introduction to Female to Male Hormone therapy

Protégete, aprende sobre PrEP (Profilaxis de Pre-Exposición al VIH), como funciona, como utilizarlo y si es adecuado para ti.

PrEP información

Professional Organization Resources

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

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