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September 23, 2019

Dear Huntridge Family Clinic family.

Based on changes in reimbursement and insurance company recommendations and changes we are finding it necessary to revise our injection policy starting January 1, 2020. We’re communicating this change early so we can plan for a successful transition for all our patients who do injections.

For those of you who are currently doing injections in the office with our staff, we will begin a training program with you and or family members so that by the end of December you are able to safely administer your medication at home.

For our new patients, we will be providing up to 6 visits for injection training. During that time we will work with you and family/friends to make sure you are comfortable to do your injections at home.

This is a big change for our office, as we’ve been able to provide injection services for over 6 years.

We are exploring the option of a telemedicine visit program for those times when you’re having difficulties with the injections, so we’ll be able to support you over the internet. More information will be coming about this service later this year.

Along the way there will probably be some bumps, but like always we’ll work through them together.

Everyone at the clinic appreciates your support over the years and we’re confident that we’ll make it through this together.

Thanks for understanding.


Rob Phoenix, APRN, FNP-C

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